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Taken on 14 Sep 2018.
Left-right: Tianli, Swarup, Krishna, Huanqian, Mujahid, Billy, Xiu Quan
Sometimes we feel a little goofy.


Group leader

Huanqian LOH
President’s Assistant Professor
Department of Physics and Centre for Quantum Technologies
Office:   +65-6601-6193
Lab:      +65-6601-6190
Fax:      +65-6516 6897
Email:   phylohh-at-nus-dot-edu-dot-sg

Department of Physics profile page
CQT profile page


Research Fellow

Swarup DAS
Email: cqtsd-at-nus-dot-edu-dot-sg





PhD Students

Mohammad Mujahid ALIYU
Email: e0382015-at-u-dot-nus-dot-edu


Krishna Chaitanya YELLAPRAGADA
Email: ykc-at-u-dot-nus-dot-edu


Masters/FYP Student

QUEK Xiu Quan
Email: a0124179-at-u-dot-nus-dot-edu





FYP (Honors) Students

Billy LIM Jun Ming
Email: e0004118-at-u-dot-nus-dot-edu



LEE Tianli
Email: e0004489-at-u-dot-nus-dot-edu





Research Assistant

YEO Wei Hong
Email: cqtywh-at-nus-dot-edu-dot-sg





UROPS Students

Esther WONG Su Yi


SEOW Guan Ling