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Highlights: 3 Science papers, 2 PRL Editors’ Suggestions, 1 JCP Annual Editors’ Choice

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15.  J. Decamp, J. Gong, H. Loh and C. Miniatura, “Symmetry, Tan Contact and Spectral Gap in One-Dimensional Fermions: A Graph Theory Treatment”, arXiv:1907.13412 (2019).

14.  S. Ding, G. Maslennikov, R. Hablutzel, H. Loh and D. Matsukevich, “A quantum parametric oscillator with trapped ions”, Physical Review Letters 119, 150404 (2017).

13.  J. W. Park, Z. Z. Yan, H. Loh, S. A. Will and M. W. Zwierlein, “Second-scale nuclear spin coherence time of trapped ultracold 23Na40K molecules”, Science 357, 372 (2017).
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12.  S. A. Will, J. W. Park, Z. Z. Yan, H. Loh and M. W. Zwierlein, “Coherent microwave control of ultracold 23Na40K molecules”, Physical Review Letters 116, 225306 (2016).

11.  H. Loh, S. Ding, R. Hablutzel, G. Maslennikov and D. Matsukevich, “Zeeman-splitting-assisted quantum logic spectroscopy of trapped ions”, Physical Review A 90, 061402(R) (2014).

10.  S. Ding, H. Loh, R. Hablutzel, M. Gao, G. Maslennikov and D. Matsukevich, “Microwave control of trapped-ion motion assisted by a running optical lattice”, Physical Review Letters 113, 073002 (2014).

9.   K.-K. Ni, H. Loh, M. Grau, K. C. Cossel, J. Ye and E. A. Cornell, “Quantum-state detection of trapped HfF+by photodissociation”, Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy 300, 12 (2014).

8.   H. Loh, K. C. Cossel, M. Grau, K.-K. Ni, E. R. Meyer, J. L. Bohn, J. Ye and E. A. Cornell, “Precision spectroscopy of polarized molecules in an ion trap”, Science 342, 1220 (2013).
Featured in Science Perspective, ScienceDaily news and JILA news

7.   H. Loh, R. P. Stutz, T. S. Yahn, H. Looser, R. W. Field and E. A. Cornell, “REMPI spectroscopy of HfF”, Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy 276, 49 (2012).

6.   M. Grau, A. E. Leanhardt, H. Loh, L. C. Sinclair, R. P. Stutz, T. S. Yahn and E. A. Cornell, “Near-infrared LIF spectroscopy of HfF”, Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy 272, 32 (2012).

5.   H. Loh, J. Wang, M. Grau, T. S. Yahn, R. W. Field, C. H. Greene and E. A. Cornell, “Laser-induced fluorescence studies of HfF+ produced by autoionization”, Journal of Chemical Physics 135, 154308 (2011).
Editors’ choice for year 2011

4.   A. E. Leanhardt, J. L. Bohn, H. Loh, P. Maletinsky, E. R. Meyer, L. C. Sinclair, R. P. Stutz and E. A. Cornell, “High-resolution spectroscopy on trapped molecular ions in rotating electric fields: A new approach for measuring the electron electric dipole moment”, Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy 270, 1 (2011).
Top most cited article published in JMS since 2011

3.   J. K. Thompson, J. Simon, H. Loh and V. Vuletić, “A high-brightness source of narrowband, identical photon pairs”, Science 313, 74 (2006).

2.   H. Loh, Y.-J. Lin, I. Teper, M. Cetina, J. Simon, J. K. Thompson and V. Vuletić, “Influence of grating parameters on the linewidths of external-cavity diode lasers”, Applied Optics 45, 9191 (2006).

1.   V. Chabanenko, R. Puzniak, A. Nabialek, S. Vasiliev, V. Rusakov, L. Huanqian, R. Szymczak, H. Szymczak, J. Jun, J. Karpinski and V. Finkel, “Flux Jumps and H-T Diagram of Instability for MgB2”, Journal of Low Temperature Physics 130, 175 (2003).