The group of Huanqian Loh is setting up a new molecule lab at the Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore. Our focus is on the control of molecules at the single quantum state level.

Molecules are exciting because they possess rich internal structure and long-range anisotropic interactions. However, molecules typically lack closed cycling transitions, so the quantum control of molecules has remained an outstanding challenge for decades. Recent breakthroughs in atomic physics research have enabled the creation of cold and ultracold molecules. Our lab will develop new methods to cool and control molecules. Realizing these molecular building blocks in the quantum regime will open the door to simulating interesting quantum materials, exploring cold controlled chemistry, quantum information processing, and fundamental physics. Read more…

We are actively seeking talented and motivated postdocs, PhD students, and undergraduates. Come join our team to push this exciting new frontier of quantum physics!

Recent News

  • Jan 2018: Huanqian is awarded the Singapore National Research Foundation Fellowship (class of 2018). Thanks, NRF!
  • Dec 2017: Swarup Das joins the group as a research fellow. Welcome, Swarup!
  • Dec 2017: Billy Lim joins the group as a UROPS student. Welcome, Billy!
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