Welcome to Loh Lab @ CQT

Our lab at the Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore, is interested in using arrays of tweezer-trapped atoms as quantum "lego" blocks to simulate advanced materials.

Understanding our research focus

Quantum simulation is the modeling of nature with quantum building blocks like atoms and molecules.

Quantum simulation allows us to study interesting quantum materials while working towards building powerful computers.

Arrays of optical tweezers provide a powerful platform for controlling individual quantum building blocks in a scalable manner.

Atoms, molecules, lasers, microwaves, electric fields, magnetic fields, some epic code, and a huge dose of fun!

Our research highlights

D1 magic wavelengths are theoretically predicted to exist for the alkali atoms but have not been observed before. We experimentally confirm a D1 magic wavelength and use it to demonstrate an order-of-magnitude increase in the scalabilty of atom arrays, a fast-rising platform for quantum simulation and quantum computation.

Meet the team

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News Updates

Oct 2021

Our manuscript entitled ‘D1 magic wavelength tweezers for scaling atom arrays’ is published in Physical Review Research! Our work is also featured as a CQT highlight. Congrats to Mujahid, Luheng, Xiu Quan, and Krishna for working so hard to bring these results to fruition!

Jun 2021

Our paper by Mujahid et al is posted on the arXiv! We demonstrate an order-of-magnitude increase in the scalabilty of atom arrays, enabled by D1 magic wavelengths that have been theoretically predicted for the alkali atoms but not yet observed before.

Sep 2021

Huanqian gives an invited talk at the 21st Asian Quantum Information Science conference.

Aug 2021

We bid farewell to Vanessa, who moves to JILA/CU Boulder for her PhD studies. All the best, Vanessa! Do take some time to enjoy the beautiful mountains while pursuing great science.

Jul-Aug 2021

Datla Prithvi Raj joins us as an undergraduate intern. Welcome, Raj!
We also extend a warm welcome to Billy, formerly our UROPS and FYP student, who is rejoining the lab for his PhD after pursuing his Master’s degree at the Niels Bohr Institute. Welcome again, Billy!

Jul 2021

Huanqian is honored to be featured in Asian Scientist as one of Asia’s rising scientists. Here is the interview by Asian Scientist magazine.

Jun 2021

It’s international conference season! Mujahid gave a crisp contributed talk on our magic wavelength results at DAMOP. Huanqian will be giving two invited talks, the first one at Atomtronics on 10 June and the second talk at MH 21 in July.

Apr 2021

Huanqian is honored to be selected for the 2021 edition of the Asian Scientist 100 list. Thank you @asianscientist for the recognition!

Feb 2021

Vanessa, who just completed her Master’s thesis in the group of Ulrich Schneider at Cambridge University, joins us as a research assistant. Welcome, Vanessa!

Jan 2021

Nigel joins us as an undergraduate intern. Welcome, Nigel!

Jan 2021

Xiu Quan begins a new journey as he makes the jump from atom array factories to real life factories at KLA Tencor. We wish you every success in life, Xiu Quan!

Nov 2020

Huanqian gives 2 invited talks this month: one at the EQuaLS 2020 conference and one at the MRSS annual meeting.

Oct 2020

Huanqian takes part in several industry outreach activities this month. Besides giving an invited talk at an online seminar organized by SGInnovate and Japan Science and Technology Agency, she also begins serving her second term as a council member of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Quantum Applications.

Sep 2020

We bid farewell to Wei Hong, who is starting his PhD studies at Northwestern University. Take care, Wei Hong!

Aug 2020

Two papers appear in print: our second graph theory paper in Physical Review Research, and a microwave dressing paper in Physical Review Letters! The latter paper gets selected as a PRL Editors’ Suggestion and is highlighted as a Physics viewpoint.