Welcome to Loh Lab @ CQT

Our lab at the Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore, is interested in using arrays of tweezer-trapped atoms as quantum "lego" blocks to simulate advanced materials.

Understanding our research focus

Quantum simulation is the modeling of nature with quantum building blocks like atoms and molecules.

Quantum simulation allows us to study interesting quantum materials while working towards building powerful computers.

Arrays of optical tweezers provide a powerful platform for controlling individual quantum building blocks in a scalable manner.

Atoms, molecules, lasers, microwaves, electric fields, magnetic fields, some epic code, and a huge dose of fun!

Our research highlights

Our team develops methods to scale up atom arrays, a promising platform for quantum computation and simulation. These include using D1 magic wavelengths to enable efficient imaging and demonstrating a new parallel atom-rearrangement algorithm. With the latter, we realized large defect-free arrays with hundreds of singly-trapped atoms in arbitrary geometries.

Meet the team

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News Updates

Mar 2023

Our work on achieving large (225-atom) defect-free arrays with a high success probability is now published in Physical Review Applied and featured in the APS Physics magazine! Very satisfying to see the Singapore lion head symbol appear in a Physical Review journal. Congrats to Weikun, Wen Jun, An, Billy, Raj, and Vanessa for their hard work! See also these CQT highlights of our work and of Wen Jun.

Feb 2023

Our lab is featured in a video that is sponsored by the Singapore Quantum Engineering Programme office and will be screened on the American Physical Society (APS) TV during March Meeting. (1:00) See Luheng, An, Weikun, and I checking out our homemade laser stabilization cavity housed in a vacuum chamber. Thanks to Alex, Jenny, and Xin Yi for spotlighting our research!

Jan 2023

Huanqian delivers several invited talks this month: at the Majulab seminar (thanks to Gabriel, Alexia, Nelly, and Christian), at the Workshop on Quantum Information Science with Cold Atoms (thanks to Jae-yoon, Jongchul, Eunmi, Jee Woo, and Gil Young), and at the Global Young Scientists Summit organized by NRF Singapore.

Jan 2023

Juan-Yi and Jintao join our group as undergraduate interns. Welcome on board!

Dec 2022

Time for an end-of-the-year group party. Best wishes for a productive 2023!

Dec 2022

Huanqian takes part in the NUS S&T Agora fireside chat on quantum technologies.

Nov 2022

We give two more lab tours this month: one to the NUS Board of Trustees and another to a delegation from the Ministry of Finance and the National Research Foundation.

Oct 2022

We are happy to host Emeritus Senior Minister Goh and Minister Josephine Teo (Ministry of Communications and Information) in two separate visits to our lab this month.

(Photo credit: NUS Facebook page)

Oct 2022

Fan Jia, who did his PhD in the group of Dajun Wang at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, joins us as a postdoc. A warm welcome to you, Fan!

Sep 2022

An gives an invited talk and Mujahid gives a contributed talk at the Institute of Physics Singapore (IPS) annual meeting.

Sep 2022

Our manuscript reporting a new algorithm to efficiently assemble large-scale defect-free atom arrays is now up on the arXiv! Our parallel sort-and-compression algorithm (PSCA) offers a reduced move complexity (only scaling as the square root of the target array size) and naturally avoids collisions between atoms. Here is a defect-free image of 225 singly-trapped atoms pristinely arranged in a triangular array, obtained by applying our new algorithm.

Sep 2022

The first PhD student graduates from Loh Lab! Congratulations to Krishna for his successful defense. An exciting future awaits you with your new quantum sensors job lined up!

Aug 2022

Michael and Jiacheng (Scarlett) join us as PhD students. Michael is formerly a NUS undergraduate and Jiacheng comes from Sichuan University. We are delighted to have you both!

Jul 2022

Congratulations to Wen Jun for winning both the Lijen Industrial Development Medal and the Outstanding Undergraduate Research Prize for his honors project!

Jun 2022

Huanqian gives an invited talk at the Optica Quantum 2.0 conference.