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Feb 2020

Huanqian is honored to be recognized as one of the 15 ‘International Rising Talents’ among 260 fellows worldwide by L’Oréal and UNESCO. Here is the press release from L’Oréal Foundation and UNESCO, announced on the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, with additional news reporting by Asian Scientist, NUS News, and CQT. NUS news reporting in Chinese is available here.

Sep 2020

We bid farewell to Wei Hong, who is starting his PhD studies at Northwestern University. Take care, Wei Hong!

Aug 2020

Two papers appear in print: our second graph theory paper in Physical Review Research, and a microwave dressing paper in Physical Review Letters! The latter paper gets selected as a PRL Editors’ Suggestion and is highlighted as a Physics viewpoint.

Aug 2020

We welcome three new students: Luheng from Peking University and Weikun from Zhejiang University join us as first year PhD students, and Siaw Wei joins us as a UROPS student.

Jun 2020

Wen Jun joins our group as an undergraduate intern. Welcome!

Jun 2020

We are back in business after a two-month COVID shutdown. We got our MOT back at the same brightness in pretty much the same position as before the shutdown, almost immediately after we fired everything back up. Kudos to Xiu Quan, Mujahid, and Krishna for working hard to build a stable machine!

May 2020

Huanqian gives a public Zoom talk to junior college students on “The Quantum Race to Surpass Supercomputers”.

Apr-Jun 2020

Our first graph theory paper gets published in Physical Review Research, while our new paper on the universal graph description appears on the arXiv.

Mar 2020

An Qu, formerly from the group of Jean Dalibard at Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, joins us as a postdoc. Welcome!

Feb 2020

Congratulations to Xiu Quan on earning his Master’s degree, after much hard work and a beautiful thesis!

Dec 2019

We throw a farewell party for Swarup, as he moves on to greener (or rather, bluer) pastures in the group of David Wilkowski, NTU. Best wishes, Swarup!

Nov 2019

Huanqian is honored to serve on the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Quantum Computing. She heads to Dubai for a 2-day brainstorming session with fellow council members at the WEF GFC annual meeting.

Participants during the Session “Global Future Council on Quantum Computing” at the World Economic Forum, Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils 2019. Copyright by World Economic Forum / Benedikt von Loebell

Sep 2019

Huanqian chats with John Yip over the Channel NewsAsia CNA938 airwaves about quantum simulators during the Saturday night “Science and Technology” session.

Sep 2019

Huanqian gives an invited talk at the OSA/APS Frontiers in Optics conference in Washington DC and a poster at the BEC 2019 conference in Spain. Swarup presents a poster at the “Long Range Interactions” workshop in France. Thanks to everyone in the community for the stimulating discussions!

Sep 2019

We celebrate the end of Weikun’s internship with a farewell dinner. We hope you liked the local food, Weikun!

Jul 2019

Our paper on the graph theory treatment of strongly repulsive one-dimensional fermions is posted on the arXiv!

Jul 2019

Huanqian is honored to be recognized as a World Economic Forum Young Scientist! Thanks to the WEF for the award and invitation to speak at the WEF “Summer Davos” meeting in Dalian, China this month, and to NUS for the nomination. More information is available from the WEF website and NUS news.

Jun 2019

June is the month of outreach via camps! Krishna is one of the main organizers of CQT’s QCamp, while Mujahid and Huanqian give lectures at QCamp. Huanqian also participates in the NUS Physics department enrichment camp as a panelist.

May-Jul 2019

Four undergraduate students join the group: Leo, Zack, and Isaac from NUS and Weikun from Zhejiang University. Welcome!

Apr 2019

Billy, Tianli, and Xiu Quan end their final year projects with a bang! We celebrate your awesome thesis presentations with a group dinner.