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Postdoctoral fellow

We are actively searching for a postdoctoral research fellow to work on our first experiment on tweezer arrays of ultracold molecules assembled from pre-cooled atoms. The scientific goal of this project is to establish quantum state engineering at the single-molecule level for quantum simulation of novel condensed matter phases and chemistry.

The postdoctoral fellow will have the opportunity to:

  1. play a leading role in the study of new phenomena at the forefront of quantum physics and chemistry using strongly interacting particles;
  2. mentor junior team members.

Postdocs can expect a highly competitive remuneration package depending on experience and multiple opportunities to network with a rapidly growing international community of quantum physicists in Singapore and beyond.

Talented and motivated candidates with a PhD in experimental physics and a strong scientific and technical background in AMO physics are highly encouraged to apply.

Interested applicants should contact the group leader with their CV and contact details of at least two referees:
Huanqian Loh
phylohh – at – nus – dot – edu – dot – sg

Undergraduate projects

We have a strong tradition of taking on undergraduates, be it for UROPS projects or final year projects. Please contact Huanqian for more details.