Loh Lab | News

Oct 2022

Fan Jia, who did his PhD in the group of Dajun Wang at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, joins us as a postdoc. A warm welcome to you, Fan!

Sep 2022

An gives an invited talk and Mujahid gives a contributed talk at the Institute of Physics Singapore (IPS) annual meeting.

Sep 2022

Our manuscript reporting a new algorithm to efficiently assemble large-scale defect-free atom arrays is now up on the arXiv! Our parallel sort-and-compression algorithm (PSCA) offers a reduced move complexity (only scaling as the square root of the target array size) and naturally avoids collisions between atoms. Here is a defect-free image of 225 singly-trapped atoms pristinely arranged in a triangular array, obtained by applying our new algorithm.

Sep 2022

The first PhD student graduates from Loh Lab! Congratulations to Krishna for his successful defense. An exciting future awaits you with your new quantum sensors job lined up!

Aug 2022

Michael and Jiacheng (Scarlett) join us as PhD students. Michael is formerly a NUS undergraduate and Jiacheng comes from Sichuan University. We are delighted to have you both!

Jul 2022

Congratulations to Wen Jun for winning both the Lijen Industrial Development Medal and the Outstanding Undergraduate Research Prize for his honors project!

Jun 2022

Huanqian gives an invited talk at the Optica Quantum 2.0 conference.

Jun 2022

The APS annual DAMOP meeting is here! Weikun gives a contributed talk and poster on the rubidium experiment, while Luheng presents a poster on the sodium experiment.

May 2022

Invited by Prof. Gyuboong Jo, Huanqian gives a talk at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Institute for Advanced Study-Center for Quantum Technologies (IAS CQT) seminar.

Apr 2022

A four-PI team led by Huanqian (with co-PIs Prof Gong, Prof Lee, and Prof Lim) has been awarded about SGD 3.8 million under the Singapore Quantum Engineering Program. We are ready to perform some exciting quantum simulations with our atom arrays!

Apr 2022

Huanqian gives an invited talk and chairs a session at the exciting 4th Asian-Pacific Workshop on Trapped Quantum Systems (APTQS 2022).

Mar 2022

Huanqian delivers an invited talk at the American Physical Society March Meeting. It was great to meet so many colleagues and old friends again, and to build new friendships!

Feb 2022

Our invited roadmap article on “Atom Arrays for Quantum Simulation”, as part of the “2022 Roadmap for Materials for Quantum Technologies”, is posted on the arXiv.

Jan 2022

Jeb joins our lab as an undergraduate intern. Welcome, Jeb!

Nov 2021

Huanqian gives an invited talk online at the MajuLab@Sorbonne University workshop.

Oct 2021

Our manuscript entitled ‘D1 magic wavelength tweezers for scaling atom arrays’ is published in Physical Review Research! Our work is also featured as a CQT highlight. Congrats to Mujahid, Luheng, Xiu Quan, and Krishna for working so hard to bring these results to fruition!

Sep 2021

Huanqian gives an invited talk at the 21st Asian Quantum Information Science conference.

Aug 2021

We bid farewell to Vanessa, who moves to JILA/CU Boulder for her PhD studies. All the best, Vanessa! Do take some time to enjoy the beautiful mountains while pursuing great science.

Jul-Aug 2021

Datla Prithvi Raj joins us as an undergraduate intern. Welcome, Raj!
We also extend a warm welcome to Billy, formerly our UROPS and FYP student, who is rejoining the lab for his PhD after pursuing his Master’s degree at the Niels Bohr Institute. Welcome again, Billy!

Jul 2021

Huanqian is honored to be featured in Asian Scientist as one of Asia’s rising scientists. Here is the interview by Asian Scientist magazine.