Loh Lab | News

Sep 2019

We celebrate the end of Weikun’s internship with a farewell dinner. We hope you liked the local food, Weikun!

Jul 2019

Our paper on the graph theory treatment of strongly repulsive one-dimensional fermions is posted on the arXiv!

Jul 2019

Huanqian is honored to be recognized as a World Economic Forum Young Scientist! Thanks to the WEF for the award and invitation to speak at the WEF “Summer Davos” meeting in Dalian, China this month, and to NUS for the nomination. More information is available from the WEF website and NUS news.

Jun 2019

June is the month of outreach via camps! Krishna is one of the main organizers of CQT’s QCamp, while Mujahid and Huanqian give lectures at QCamp. Huanqian also participates in the NUS Physics department enrichment camp as a panelist.

May-Jul 2019

Four undergraduate students join the group: Leo, Zack, and Isaac from NUS and Weikun from Zhejiang University. Welcome!

Apr 2019

Billy, Tianli, and Xiu Quan end their final year projects with a bang! We celebrate your awesome thesis presentations with a group dinner.

Mar 2019

Huanqian gives an invited condensed matter physics seminar at the Nanyang Technological University.

Mar 2019

Loh lab heads to the Institute of Physics Singapore annual meeting! Swarup et al present a poster, while Huanqian takes on questions from junior college students, teachers, and parents at the Singapore Physics Olympiad award ceremony as a panelist.

Feb 2019

Huanqian gives an invited EPD (engineering product development) seminar at the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

Jan 2019

Esther and Guan Ling join us as UROPS students and Wei Hong joins us as a research assistant. Welcome!

Dec 2018

Loh lab wishes everyone a Happy New Year (2019)! (Picture taken from our end-of-the-year party.)

Dec 2018

Loh lab gets featured in a NRF fellowship publicity video. Check it out on LinkedIn and on Facebook.

Nov 2018

Huanqian is awarded the L’Oreal Singapore For Women In Science National Fellowship (Physical and Engineering Science). Thanks, L’Oreal! Here are the press releases from L’Oreal, NUS, and CQT.

Nov 2018

Huanqian gives an invited talk at the annual meeting of the Materials Research Society of Singapore.

Sep 2018

Mujahid and Krishna join us as PhD students. Welcome!

Jul 2018

We welcome three visiting students/interns – Mujahid, Krishna, and Angad. Xiu Quan and Tianli join the group as FYP students. Billy also stays on in the group for his final year project. Hooray!

Jun 2018

Huanqian chats with secondary school and junior college students about the wonders of quantum mechanics at the NUS physics enrichment camp.

Mar 2018

Huanqian gives a plenary talk at the annual Institute of Physics Singapore (IPS) meeting.

Jan 2018

Huanqian is awarded the Singapore National Research Foundation Fellowship (class of 2018). Thanks, NRF!

Dec 2017

Swarup joins the group as a research fellow. Welcome, Swarup!